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About Pannatural Pets

Pannatural Pets story began in as a family business with European roots and expertise.

Years later, Pannatural Pets have thousands of heartwarming reviews, stories and emails from happy customers who can't believe how much their products have helped their pets. 

Pannatural Pets love what they do and are excited to continue their mission in providing animal lovers everywhere with uncompromising, high-quality products that they can trust.

Pannatural Pet's Mission

Pannatual Pets set out on a mission to produce safe and effective, premium-quality wellness products that pet owners everywhere can feel confident giving their furry companions.

Pannatural Pets began by making the best natural grooming products on the market:

  • truly natural,
  • cruelty-free and
  • vegan


What Makes Pannatural Pet's Product Range Unique?

Pannatural Pets partner with the industry's top ingredient suppliers to ensure the finest and safest ingredients are included in all their formulas.

Pannatural Pets created their full range of shampoos, conditioners, cleaners, balms, and between-bath grooming products to offer solutions for various needs, from everyday cleansing and coat conditioning to itch relief, hot spots, skin sensitivity, oral care, paw protection and beyond.

For your pet's health, Pannatural Pets products are always non-toxic, paraben & sulphate free, phthalate-free, phosphate-free, dye free, colourants and soap free.

Pannatural Pets products are vegan and endorsed by the Beauty without Cruelty Organisation. None of their products and any of their raw materials have been tested on animals.


Pure Ingredients

Pannatural Pets do know how hazardous some of the grooming products in the pet care industry can be and have thus ensured that their product offering has the purest and most healthy plant-based ingredients.

Pannatural Pets are the FIRST company in South Africa to create a truly natural grooming range which is naturally beneficial, non-toxic and gentle on pets.

Pannatural Pets products are created with the finest ingredients, such as plant-derived and coconut-based cleansers, essential oils, botanical extracts and fragrances. 


Check out Pannatural Pets range of products here!

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