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Choco Moco CBD Tea

Choco Moco CBD Tea

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While rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free tea, we thought creating just one naughty cup will work wonders for our coffee lovers. Wake up with a cup of our Choco Moco blend.

Lush rooibos tea, enhanced with dark chocolate drops, warm coffee beans, and tantalising black pepper. All simmered with marshmallow root and layered with cocoa and cinnamon.

Pure bliss for any chocolate lover!

More Details

Rooibos has a number of health benefits and contains plenty of antioxidants and chemical compounds that can:
- Reduce inflammation
- Help promote weight loss
- Assist in preventing illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes

This loose-leaf tea contains real bits of dark chocolate and, when coupled with the natural healing properties of CBD, may be used to treat a variety of diseases. Our tea-bags are larger than average size, to accommodate for non-ground tea leaves, and real cannabis flowers. Through our extra-ordinary extraction process, 15mgs of broad-spectrum CBD is present in each tea-bag.

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