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Clean Eyes, 250 mL

Clean Eyes, 250 mL

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This all-natural eye cleanser, gently cleanses the eyes, helping to relieve discomfort and reduce irritation from dried mucus, foreign material, dust, and pollen. Gently washes tear stains and bacteria away. Useful after swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water by reducing any irritation caused by any chemicals or salt.

How to Use

Use a cotton pad. Soak the cotton with the cleanser and gently apply on your dog’s eyelids. Remove excess matter from eye corners. For irritated eyes, apply several drops in the eye to clean and refresh. Use several drops daily to reduce irritation from dust, pollen, and ragweed or after swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water. Use a new cotton pad for each eye to avoid the transfer of infections from eye to the eye. Wipe away debris with a clean cotton pad. Repeat daily for the best results.


De-Ionized Water; Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis); Boric Acid

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